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For instance:

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Not only do we offer powerful products at affordable prices but we also bring you useful resources here at junglewebs.com… just click the “updates” tab above.

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Jungle Webs is a proud supporter of the arts. During the run of Theatre J’Nerique’s production of LYSISTRATA, August 12 – 21 we are offering a 5% Discount on purchases over $25 at our Online Store.  Take this opportunity to grab some of our web presence products (already priced everyday at affordable rates) at an even better deal!

If you happen to live in the Fresno area… turn up to THE SHOW for a rollicking good time!  LYSISTRATA is a 2500 year old fast-paced, sex-farce that is sure to tickle your fancy. Check out the preview video below.


There is a “secret code” on the pith helmet below. At the checkout page just enter it and the discount will be applied to your purchase if it is over $25. Click the graphic to go to our ONLINE STORE and start saving!

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OK… maybe it’s just the header but it feels brand new. Funny how little things like that can make a difference, huh?

Often when we have a site we get those “this darn thing needs an overhaul” pangs… sometimes the fix is as simple as creating a brand new header.

Go ahead… click the graphic top see in all it’s glory and how it works on the site.

While you are there perhaps there are some web presence products like a domain or hosting you may want to pick up. Just a suggestion.


Theatre J’Nerique – client site

Theatre J’Nerique is a small production company that produces works for the stage. This ragtag outfit has been around since the mid- 1990’s.

Part of their thrust is to develop new original works… many of which have gone on to be produced at festivals and stages world wide.

In the early 2000’s Theatre J’Nerique developed the Rogue Performance Festival that runs early March every year in Fresno, California.

You can visit their new and improved site at http://theatrejnerique.com to check out their latest upcoming fare.

A little knowledge of HTML is a good thing

Yes, it is easier than ever to have a website without knowing any code. In fact, here at Jungle Webs we offer a couple of site builders that just about anyone can use to get a pretty impressive web presence up and running in no time such as Website Tonight & Smart Space.

Even if you decide to go with one of the many Value Applications that come FREE with our Hosting Plans such as WordPress, basic word processing skills are all that is required of you.

But what if you want elements on your site to do more? That’s where HTML comes in. Does this mean that you have to enroll in a class? No. The internet provides several resources and we hope the few we have listed here will be of help.

W3SCHOOLS.COM – this site has some great tutorials.

HTMLCODETUTORIAL.COM – this site has tutorials as well as quick reference guide.

We hope this will help to get you started on a better web presence.

Smart Space – feature filled & easy online presence

People often want an online presence but shy away through the intimidation of how to set it up. In the early days of the internet the knowledge of coding was required for an individual to have a halfway decent site.

Times have changed so throw those fears away with Smart Space! With this great product from Jungle Webs you can have a feature filled website with little or no technical skills!

All you have to do is buy a domain from Jungle Webs and bundle it with Smart Space and you are on your way.

This complete and easy to use Web builder comes with your very own control panel to create:

  • A 5 Page website
  • A Social Page
  • A Personal Blog
  • A Photo Site

… all in one place! Added to that, our great hosting and secure email comes FREE with a Smart Space plan!

So, with this affordable and easy way to make your presence felt on the Web – Get started TODAY!

Creating navigation in WordPress 3.0

One of the big complaints in the past about WordPress was the difficulty in creating navigation bars. Well, with the new 3.0 version you don’t need to fret about messing around with coding. In fact, the video below also shows you how to create a link in the navigation bar outside your WordPress site! Yeah, really!

Be aware that the template you use MUST be able to support this function. If not it will default to help you create a menu bar in your sidebar.

We hope you find this useful. For more posts on WordPress on this site click “WordPress” in the navigation bar above. Cheers!

Your Online Store – the easy and affordable way!

More and more people buy from online sources than ever before. Even brick and mortar stores have an online component to move their products.

The biggest obvious advantage to online selling is that “your store” is open 24/7! This means that your product can be moving even while you sleep. Even if you decide to go on vacation all you would need is an online connection and a few minutes a day to manage your business.

If you have something to sell the Quick Shopping Cart from Jungle Webs provides an affordable, easy to use with flexible options to get started.

Go ahead… click the picture to check out all the options.

Plans begin at Only $9.99 per month… providing room to grow with your business.


* 800+ quick-start design and color combinations
* Fast and easy setup
* No set-up or per-sale fees
* Accept credit cards, PayPal or phone orders
* UPS®, USPS®, and FedEx® shipping with real-time rates
* Add your products to eBay and Google Product Search
* FREE Hosting
* FREE 24/7 Support
What are you waiting for? Get Started TODAY!

The NEW WordPress 3.0

Many of you already know that we at Jungle Webs highly recommend the WordPress platform to build an easy to manage site. (Yeah, THIS SITE is built in WordPress… that’s how much we like it.) It is true that WordPress began as a blogging platform… however, over time it has developed into a powerful CMS to create stunning and easily adaptable websites. We have already gushed over why we like it and how to install it onto your server here @ Jungle Webs.

The following short video shows you some of the great new features in the new 3.0 version called Thelonious.

If you already have WordPress as your site:

  • To upgrade to the new version just log in and click “upgrade automatically” from the top menu bar in your dashboard.
  • To install it onto your Jungle Webs hosting server READ THIS HOW TO.
  • For more videos on WordPress 3.0 CLICK HERE.

We hope you find this useful.


thesuicidelounge.com – featured client site

Suicide Lounge has been a Jungle Webs client since 2008. This talented trio regularly perform in and around the Fresno, CA area and have a growing cult following. They are also a popular and regular act at the annual Rogue Performance Festival. If you are ever in the area and are looking for a relaxing and fun evening you may want to check them out.


The Suicide Lounge are an irreverent musical trio from Fresno, CA, featuring Joy Mohler on vocals & beauty, R.P. (Robert Paul) on piano & vocals, and Nate Butler on bass & vocals. They specialize in classic standards and contemporary irregulars.

CHECK IT OUT @ http://thesuicidelounge.com… the site also includes a great video.

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