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A little knowledge of HTML is a good thing

Yes, it is easier than ever to have a website without knowing any code. In fact, here at Jungle Webs we offer a couple of site builders that just about anyone can use to get a pretty impressive web presence up and running in no time such as Website Tonight & Smart Space. Even if […]

Smart Space – feature filled & easy online presence

People often want an online presence but shy away through the intimidation of how to set it up. In the early days of the internet the knowledge of coding was required for an individual to have a halfway decent site. Times have changed so throw those fears away with Smart Space! With this great product […]

Your Online Store – the easy and affordable way!

More and more people buy from online sources than ever before. Even brick and mortar stores have an online component to move their products. The biggest obvious advantage to online selling is that “your store” is open 24/7! This means that your product can be moving even while you sleep. Even if you decide to […]

Online File Folder – a seriously good deal!

Either you have heard (or you have lived through) the horror story of someone losing all their accumulated data when their computer crashed. Gone are all those precious pictures, research data, etc. After a grace period of anger and mourning the loss (which was probably punctuated with lots of profanity) the laborious re-building period begins. […]

Useful Online Services for the Arts – ticketing

Here is a great service that offers the opportunity to pre-sell tickets to your event online. The site is easy to use and is a reliable and safe way for your patrons to acquire tickets to your event.  Brown Paper Tickets offers some of the lowest fees for a service of this kind. Check out […]

Free (and almost free) software we like (Part 2)

Every once in a while we will come across software that we find that we like. Here are some of them. GOM MEDIA PLAYER (Windows) The thing I really like about GOM is that it plays just about any type of video file. The other big plus is that it comes in under 6 mg. […]

FREE (and almost free) software & site resources

The right software is integral to creating a dynamic web presence. But most commercial software does come with a hefty price tag. There are however some pretty powerful programs out there (open source, etc) that are free or made available on a donation basis. I have included links here to help you choose. Many of […]

Jungle Web Banners

Copy & Paste the code to embed these banners on your site or blog. They will link directly to Thank you. 300px x 75px <a href=”” mce_href=””target=_blank><img src=”” mce_src=”” alt=”09jwbnr300″ width=”300″ height=”75″ /></a> 250px x 63px <a href=”” mce_href=””target=_blank><img src=”” mce_src=”” alt=”09jwbnr250″ width=”250″ height=”63″ /></a> 200px x 50px <a href=”” mce_href=””target=_blank><img src=”” mce_src=”” alt=”09jwbnr200″ […]

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